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LXPERIENCES’s core mission is to bring quality range of teas, allowing everyone to experience and indulge a great cup of tea at anytime, anywhere. Build on this passion, TEASDOTYA is established on focusing to provide special products that will delight each tea drinker at an affordable price….

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How To Make A Cup of Tea In A Simple Way

It’s generally good to drink Chinese tea on a regular basis. But have you wondered how to easily make a proper cup of tea with loose tea leaves? Follow the basic steps illustrated in the video, one can enjoy drinking Chinese tea anywhere and anytime. If you like to purchase a similar tea cup as…

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The Art of Tea Appreciation – The Guide of 70% Full

Have you noticed usually tea is served about only 70% full in the teacups? Have you ever wonder why? Here are the answers for you: To prevent in getting the tea drinker to get burn by the hot temperature of the tea during the process of tea appreciation 茶水倒七分满才不会烫手 To prevent tea from overflowing onto…

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5 Things We Need to Know About Chinese Tea

1. Who is the first person who discovered tea? Chinese legendary indicates that the origin of tea in China was first invented by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nong in 2737 BC 2. Where does tea come from? All tea come from the plant known as Camellia Sinensis where the tea plants are native to East…

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