Classic Autumn Tea 高山秋茶 (50 grams)


Category : Oolong Tea

Flowery & Fruity Fragrance | Famous Oolong Tea from Taiwan | Great Source of Antioxidants

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Our Classic Autumn Tea is a type of Oolong tea where it is imported directly from tea plantation. As the name implies, the tea is harvesting during the Autumn season. This is a partially oxidised Oolong tea where it gives an intense aroma. A must try tea if you like slightly more aromatic tea. This product is also available in 100 grams package.

高山秋茶滋味浓郁,微苦涩,入口平顺, 回甘适中, 香气平和, 略带暑味及枯木味, 甘醇, 泡茶次数较短- 7次以上易出现粗磨,箐味

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