Dual Oolong Pack – Classic Autumn + Blissful Spring

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Flowery & Fruity Fragrance | Famous Oolong Tea from Taiwan | Great Source of Antioxidants

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This package contains:
* 1 x 50g of Classic Autumn Tea
* 1 x 50g of Blissful Spring Tea

Both Classic Autumn and Blissful Spring Tea are a type of Oolong tea where it is imported directly from tea plantation. As the names imply, the tea is harvesting during the Autumn and Spring season respectively. Oolong tea falls in between green and black tea where its benefits are double due to the combined qualities of both types of tea. This is partially oxidised tea where it gives an intense aroma. A must-try tea if you like slightly more aromatic tea.

高山秋茶滋味浓郁,微苦涩,入口平顺, 回甘适中, 香气平和, 略带暑味及枯木味, 甘醇, 泡茶次数较短- 7次以上易出现粗磨,箐味
高山春茶滋味丰富,回甘度明显,花果香, 甘润, 十分耐泡

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