Do You Know How Longjing Tea Are Being Processed?

Besides the environment and the harvesting pattern, processing of the tea is another important factor that resulted Longjing being known as one of the world famous tea.


Step 1: The leaves are put in a bamboo basket, under a shady place for 8-10 hours. This helps to reduce the water contents and removal of grass smell.

Step 2: Tea leaves are put in a specially made steel pan to roast. This process of roasting is carried out by hand, where it involves grasp, toss, shake, pile, throw, buckle, press and grind. The purpose of roasting is to further reduce the water contents in the tea leaves.

Step 3: After roasting for about 20 minutes, tea leaves are left in the bamboo basket to cool down which will take about 40 minutes to an hour.

Step 4: The tea leaves are being examined by trained tea master where the broken pieces will be removed.

Step 5: The good tea leaves are again put in the steel pan for second round of roasting (with a slightly lower temperature then step 2) to further reduce another 5% of the water contents.

Step 6: The process is completed with tea leaves ready for consumption after 20-25 minutes of roasting