Xihu Longjing – Queen of Green Tea

Green tea is considered one of the most popular tea worldwide and it is produced in the largest quantities in China, in comparing with other types of tea. One of the most famous tea is Longjing, which is also known as the queen of green tea. The best of Longjing is produced from Xihu in Hangzhou. Green tea is named as the dried leaves and fusion are both green in colour. Due to the growing environment and harvesting pattern, it makes Longjing tea great with its flavor very fragrant and refreshing.

西湖龙井是著名绿茶皇后,产于浙江杭州西湖一带。西湖龙井除了是中国传统的十大名茶,它也有着悠久的历史文化。龙井的叶子色泽绿翠匀润,香气浓郁持久,滋味甘醇爽口, 形如雀舌尖削,具有“色、香、味、形”四大特点。当茶叶泡在水里,芽叶变得细嫩,闻起来有着一股挡不住的扑鼻香。水的味道非常清淡,给人一种清香,淡雅的感觉, 越好的龙井还会有清甜的回甘味。